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Most Assholians are able to successfully hide among the population.  Some even lack the Assholian "look ' (click on How to Spot an Assholian on the left).  In this evolving section (even if its inhabitants aren't), are some well-known examples of the species.  Please feel free to comment on any of the Dickhead Assholians below - or nominate your own "Worthy Assholian Dickhead."  To send us your thoughts or nominee, please Click Here

xamples of Assholia's Dickheads that have successfully covered up their genetics.

Assholian Former Dickhead-in-Chief
(An eight year proven record)

Newest Inductee into the Hall of Fame
(Just imagine how worthy he'll be given another
3 years to mess up in.  But he's working hard on that - see Reality Check below for latest example)

T r a n s p a r e n c yToday's Reality Check:
The "Transparency" Promise
Put your wallet on the table.  Cut out the black "Transparency" square on the left.  Hold the "Transparency" square  up in front of your eyes.  Wait patiently as various politicos "transparently" steal the money in your wallet.

Previous Reality Check winners - "Unemployment won't go over 8%," "I'll close Gitmo within the year," "Change you can believe in," etc.

Conclusion: "Transparency" - just one more lie to get elected.  What's the surprise?

Assholia's Top-rated Co-Chairs for the
Family Values Champions Forum
P.S. The scum on the left (oh, pardon us, we should have said honorable past Democratic candidate for President of the United States) finally admitted he screwed Ms. Hunter - and that it IS his baby (all the while lecturing us on family values and the importance of personal honor).  How sad that the truth comes to us courtesy of the National Enquirer rather than the New York Times.  We suggest elevating Edwards to Chair of the Forum.

Newest All-Star Family Values Champ

Hiding out hoping we'll all forget . . .

Sarah Palin remains Assholia's Nominee for
Most Visible Environmental Consciousness

(Notice dead bear on couch and dead crab on table.  The
dead Peregrin falcon and American Eagle are
being marinated in the back room)

Assholia's Money Champ of the Decade
As you consider that it was our Prez who put this clown in charge of the
nation's finances (sorry, I should have said YOUR money) it pays to remember
that this is the guy who "forgot" to pay his own income taxes . . .
("Is that really my leader looking askance at me?")


Contrast of the Month

G e n i u s

"I, at any rate, am convinced that
He does not throw dice."
Albert Einstein speaking
about God
P a n d e r i n g   I d i o t

"I want to roll the dice a little bit more in
this situation towards subsidized housing
Barney Frank talking about using your money to feed
his buddies, Freddie and Fannie - House Financial Services
Committee hearing, Sept. 25, 2003

Rare Confluence of Certified Assholians

I just can't help imagining these guys on their back wearing ripped nylons,
feet waving in the air, moaning, wearing shoes like below, and telling their "contributors
and supporters" what nice men they are. Actually, that's not fair.  Truth is, real whores cost less,
and actually do at least some of what they promise . . .

Rare photo of Chris Dodd's foot - or is that Barney Frank . . .

And lest you think we focus only on the supposedly male members of
Assholia's Club Of
Political Scum (COPS), here's a photo you might enjoy.


An All-time Assholian Favorite

Assholian Oldies but Goodies - Monica's Dress
From the official record, "Ms. Lewinsky testified that she thought it also was
possible that she had gotten spinach dip on the dress when she dined out
following their meeting . . . "   Oh, that explains it . . .


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